Digital Marketing Strategies

Thinking about How to Reach More People?
We optimize your advertising budget to get the best return on every penny invested.

We Focus On

Social Networks

Create advertising campaigns in the main Social Networks in a focused way (age, sex, economic level, etc.) to reach only the public objective, guaranteeing followers of interest and sales.

digital marketing

Google Ads

We create dynamic ads for the Google search engine. We optimize campaigns to achieve the lowest cost per conversion. Capture potential customers with big ads.

Marketing Digital

E-mail marketing

If you already have a customer base, we help you maintain a lasting and quality relationship with them. We can also help you create a database and manage your shipments.

digital Marketing


We position your business in your city or definite demographic sector. We optimize your website so that you find the right keyword and climb positions in Google.

Digital Marketing - Social Networks Plan

Without a social media plan, it is possible that you will not have results on social networks or that the results obtained will be better since, without a strategy, it is difficult to increase the sales of your services or products.

This social media plan must be carried out by a social media specialist, no person who knows anything about social media since it is what will define your company’s social media communication strategy.

What We Do

We boost the profitability of your business through advertising on the largest and most predominant social network in the World.

We help you define your business objectives, the audience you are targeting, the ideal budget, the optimal formats, and the content for each of your online ads with the result you want to obtain.

At Meollo Digital, we make the most of the segmentation capacity of the audience you want to reach: geographic location, unprecedented demographic targeting, age, gender, interests or behaviors, socioeconomic level, specific interests, etc.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

(Search Engine Optimization) is known as a set of techniques and tools that be useful to optimize both web pages and landing pages (as required) so that search engines, such as Google, can read them more easily and quickly.

At Meollo Digital, we offer you a comprehensive service to improve your website, your content, and your SEO strategy to achieve the best possible results and climb positions in the main search engines.
We integrate analysis tools to be able to measure results to make adjustments and improvements.

What is EMS?
SEM, known by its acronym in English as Search Engine Marketing, is known as paid search engine marketing.

We create paid ads for Google search engines. We capture potential customers with ads optimized for your business.

Pay per click or PPC is an Internet advertising model in which the advertiser pays its ads to the web that presents them through a fee based on the number done in the ad. If the user does not click on the ad, there is no charge, even though it has been seen.

At Meollo Digital, we develop this type of campaign with Google Ads, and we apply various strategies so that that click has excellent results.

Email marketing puts a unique channel at the service of your company to promote your products or services, obtain greater customer loyalty, and increase your sales with personalized emails.

We take care of re-engaging your existing customers or new visitors to your website, sending them targeted and relevant messages directly to their inboxes.

Why choose us?

We move like a fish in water on these issues. We have a professional team focused on the Digital Communication Core. We are prepared to take your business to the next level.

Tell us about your goals, and we will work to achieve them. Contact us to speak better about your business, your segment, and the demographic interest in what you want to invest.

Online Advertising

Reach Thousands of People
From 499$
  • Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Email Marketing

Plan Social Networks

The right strategies to grow on the internet
From 799$
  • External and internal analysis
  • Social Media Auditorium
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Construction of the Buyer Person
  • Choice of Channels
  • Definition of objectives
  • Definition of tactics and actions
  • Definition of strategies
  • Scheduling of actions
  • Creation of the Budget
  • Control System

Advertising Strategies Effective

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